Massage in sports

Massage in sports, particularly elite sport is now an accepted and expected practice. The benefits of regular soft tissue therapy for athletes have been well documented and the expectations on therapists to “know their stuff” when it comes to providing specific and effective treatment is higher now than it has ever been.


This presentation will explore the role of the Massage Therapist in the Sports Medicine Team and also how they can tailor their treatments to produce the best results for their athletes. Outlining the logistics of treatment delivery and the physiological effects of the various forms of sports massage, Shaun will provide insight into specialised world of massage in sport. Shaun Brewster is a Sports Musculoskeletal Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, Remedial Therapist, Running Coach, Author and Educator. He has been training therapists for 13 years and in private practice for 16. Shaun has been a Lecturer, Course Co-ordinator and Head of School. He currently manages the Remedial – See more at:

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Massage in sports

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