Lajos Telek has 25 years experience in remedial massage and helping to recover from injuries.

And pain release.

AA Telek Massage Clinic Established 1993 

A A Telek Massage Clinic invites you to come and experience the relief of freedom from pain and muscular tension.   Operated by a certified and accredited massage therapist with more than 25 years experience in remedial and sports massage, A A Telek Massage Clinic will change the way you view the world. As there is substantial Your Health Is In Your Hands evidence concerning the detrimental physical effects of stress and pain, it’s important to find a way of counteracting the negative and restoring bodily integrity.  Calmed and revitalized by the healing hands of Lajos Telek, you will feel better equipped to manage pain and/or deal with life’s many stresses.

I help people transform their lives to reach their full potential and lead happy healthy prosperous lives.
My philosophy holistic in, concerned with the body, the mind, and the spirit and is therapeutic in nature.
Massage for Healing we believe in the power and combination of the human touch and the body’s own ability to heal.

Relief from muscular pains and aches

– injury management

– herbal medicine

– Bowen technique

– deep tissue massage

– stress and pain relief

– tai chi and reflexology

– alternative medicine.


Remedial massage is for muscular and mental stress release

Yes,  Natural way for muscular and mental stress release.

 Your Health Is In Your Hands


Show You How to Call Me Now  

 Luie  0433167703

Lajos Telek registered professional  Therapist. Holding diploma Varieties of health module.

Studying human body long times. Studying sciences of health many different schools. Includes Perth Health Schools, Queensland Health Schools of Australia, NSW Schools Of Natural Medicine

Australian Hunyuan Taiji Qigong Academy, Bowen school of WA,  New image Health school Perth, Australian medical Acupuncture center. Tibetan Reiki.

Studying Natural Health, Healing, Sciences, Mind body and spirit. studied many culture and history of health and healing. Investigated human health how can set up strategy, of healthy life style.

Last 25 years attended many health sciences seminars, Meet with other professionals and share and learn each other knowledge’s  Chiropractors Physiotherapist, Naturopath, Osteopath. Doctors,

Would like to apply to you. if you need help.  Just call  don’t hesitate get help by skilled Therapist with life experiences Who willing to help you out,

Set up a strategy for you. with my best knowledge base and technique but depend on you if you like to help.My philosophy holistic.Employing natural strategies several specialized techniques.

Then you can enjoy life experience the relief of freedom diseases from pain and stress

Registered with insurance rebate.

More info remedial massage

Massage or manual bodywork comes under the category of complementary or allied health in Australia. Remedial massage refers to several specialized techniques which find and repair dysfunction within muscles; it also supports and accelerates the body’s own ability to heal. Massage is applied directly to the skin usually using oil. Stretching and moving the joints through their range of motion is often included in the treatment. Apart from making you feel great, there are many benefits of Massage that can improve your quality of life. Some of the benefits include:

Loosen contracted, tight muscles and promote optimum muscle health

Pain Relief


Stimulation of Immune System

Prevention of Injury

Increases Blood flow and lymph circulation

Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

Improved Posture

Increased flexibility  techniques provided by   Lajos Telek Remedial Massage Therapists include:

Deep Tissue – slow, deep movement working along the muscle fibers Trigger Point Therapy-works with referred pain patterns and compression of the tender spots within the muscle to reduce pain. Sports and rehabilitation movements across the muscle fiber, compression, vibration and deep tissue movements along the muscle fibers Myofascial Release- slow stretching movements and gentle pressure using heat from therapists and client to release the fascia relaxing strokes of effleurage, petrissage and percussion are used to increase circulation of blood and lymph. Reflexology- foot massage to promote relaxation self-healing and energy balance for the whole body.

Massage is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy particularly with sports injuries and spinal dysfunction. While your physiotherapists may do some trigger point releases, extensive massage should be performed by a remedial massage therapist. When joints are tight, muscles are often involved and need to be treated as well. Go on, spoil yourself.  Book in for a luxurious massage at  AA Telek Massage Clinic.  We also offer Gift Vouchers which are a wonderful present for that someone special.  Remedial Massage Therapy may be rebate able

from your private health fund and claimed instantly.

Mobile services visiting homes. For those. who are not able to travel or for conveniences. We are offering professional services.

Provide outcall at home to trusted regular customers, or to customers who have been recommended by other therapists.

Gift Voucher Available

Recovering from work injuries.

Recovering from sports injuries.

Preventing injuries.Employing natural strategies to heal skin disorders is always believed to be the best way for people experiencing skin troubles.

Employing natural strategies to muscular problems is always believed to be the best way for people experiencing.

Approaching our clients with utmost respect. all clients are important for us to satisfied.

We have special procedures and skills as preventive medicine. Sports remedial deep tissue techniques.

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