Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique or the Bowen massage is a technique designed to stimulate the body to engage in its own self-healing process, both physically and mentally. Bowen Therapy is a very gentle form of body work. That s it can be used to treat a whole range of health complaints.

During your Bowen therapy massage, you shall experience gentle tension releasing movement which is applied over specific muscle groups to stimulate neural pathways and aid in bringing balance to the musculoskeletal framework, nervous system and soft tissue such as internal organs and fascia.  Bowen technique stimulates the body’s own natural healing powers revitalize our physical and mental well-being and promotes deep relaxation.

Technique involves

Bowen Technique

A rolling movement over fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. It is said not to involve deep or prolonged contact with muscle tissues as in most kinds of massage but claims to relieve muscle tensions and strains and to restore normal lymphatic flow.

The Bowen technique is an alternative type of bodywork named after Australian Thomas Ambrose Bowen (Tom Bowen) (1916–1982).

Bowen Technique

Bowen had no formal medical training, and described his approach as a “gift from God”.He referred to himself as an osteopath and tried to join the Australian register of osteopaths in 1981, but did not qualify for the title.He died an unrecognized practitioner of manual therapy; it was not until some years later that the term “Bowen Technique” was invented.A 1975 committee of inquiry (government of Victoria, Australia) reported that Bowen treated an estimated 13,000 patients per year, with an 80 percent success rate in symptoms that were associated with a range of conditions.The technique has been popularized by some of the six men who observed him at work including Oswald Rentsch, an osteopath whose interpretation has become the dominant, but not unchallenged, form.Learning the technique has been reported as requiring 120 hours of instruction,[or as being easily learned in a “weekend workshop”.

As of there were 26,000 practitioners worldwide. The technique goes by a variety of names including facial Therapy, Smart Bowen, facial Kinetics, Neurostructural Integration (NST), facial Bowen and Bowenwork.

Each session typically involves gentle rolling motions along the muscles, tendons, and fascia.The therapy’s distinctive features are the minimal nature of the physical intervention and pauses incorporated in the treatment.Proponents claim these pauses allow the body to “reset” itself.

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